Hello everyone,
I am beginning to realise that there is a rapidly growing demand/crisis amongst displaced people from Ukraine (and other places) for English lessons. Those who have some English (Pre-Intermediate and above) can join free lesson classes provided for Teaching Practice on CELTA courses. These classes are not, however, suitable for beginners and they are in desperate need so that they can move on, get settled, get work etc.I am putting out a call for help with offering free online English lessons for beginners on Zoom. I'm asking teachers to volunteer to teach 40 minute lessons stating at 18.00 UK time every day (that's 19.00 in France/Spain, 13.00 in Toronto/New York, 14.00 in São Paulo, 10.00 in San Francisco, 20.00 in Turkey). I picked this time because it was suggested by students waiting for classes. I will provide a Zoom room if you don't have one. If you could offer some of your time to teach online lesson for beginners, please contact me on  to tell me when you would be able to teach. Ideally it would be fantastic if you are able to offer regular slots at 18.00 UK time. I'd like to start as soon as possible - there are students waiting - so please email me! If you are not able to help but you know people who might want to, please pass this email on to them. Thanks in advance
Best wishes
Marie Therese (CELTA Assessor)

Last modified: Thursday, 7 September 2023, 1:43 PM